What is Here We Go?

Great question! Will it freak you out if I say that I’m not totally sure? It’s a newsletter written by me, Alessandra Codinha, about life, liberty, great books, good art, trash TV, perfect potato chips, fabulous hotels, and probably my (also perfect) dog, from time to time… among other deeply passionate interests.

Basically I just write the kind of emails that I would like to get.

Who is Alessandra?

I’m a writer and former New York-based magazine editor (WWD, Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, Departures) who now lives and works in Los Angeles. I travel—a lot—and have a great enthusiasm for making recommendations.

Where can I find you?

Here. And here. And sometimes (rarely) here.

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Basically, I just write the kinds of emails that I would like to get.


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